Our Story

Supplying treasures to San Francisco since 1946

 A visit to historic San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf isn’t complete without cracked Dungeness crab, fresh sourdough bread, a ride on a cable car, and a visit to Frank’s Fisherman where one can always find rare treasures. Step through our doors and let us bring you to a place where San Francisco and its rich maritime history combine the old world with the new for a unique shopping experience.

In the 1940s, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf was a bustling centerpiece for the San Francisco fishing fleet. Tired fishermen would dock at the Wharf, unload their catch and re-energize at the local pub sharing weather conditions and fishing tales. In preparation for the next leg of their journey fisherman headed to Frank’s Fisherman Supply, a ships chandlery and dependable spot for purchasing supplies for their boats and crew. In 1977 the Brown family purchased Frank’s Fisherman’s Supply where they continued selling gear to the fleet. Over time and in response to a changing city landscape, the Brown family expanded the shop’s wares to include nautical antiques and fine apparel. Today, brothers Ken and Ron Brown oversee the store’s authenticity, ensuring that its rich history will always be maintained.

We are passionate about searching the world over for museum-quality maritime and scientific antiques, eclectic treasures, and “classically-San Francisco” mementos for the shop that are appreciated by professional collectors and travelers alike.

Over time, the faces have changed from wind-chapped fishermen eager to return to the waters to adventurous, excited travelers searching for the perfect souvenir to add to their collection. But one thing has never changed; we’re proud to be still considered a “must-visit” destination at the Wharf.

We’re always looking for the next piece to add to our collection. If you have an item, please contact us or stop by and ask for Ken Brown.