1865 Silver Presentation Speaking Trumpet

Lieut. Fredrick Pearson’s presentation silver speaking trumpet, March 1865 Yokohama, Japan.

Lieutenant Fredrick Pearson was stationed on the USS Jamestown during the civil war as part of the Atlantic Blockade Squadron. In October 1862 she joined the Pacific Squadron in search of Confederate privateers.

In 1864 the Jamestown was stationed off Yokohama Japan, the only American naval vessel there when a multi-national fleet was assembled to force the opening of the Strait Shimonoseki to Western powers. Lt. Pearson was put in command of the chartered steamer TA-KIANG to join the fleet. The fleet anchored off the Japanese forts and commenced firing with the Japanese returning fire. The Japanese fort were silenced.

The TA-KIANG was fitted with one 30 lb Parrot gun which joined in the bombardment. She also sent a landing party of British marines to take control of the forts.

Pearson returned to the Jamestown. This trumpet was presented to him by a fellow officer J.M.Wade in March at Yokohama at Yokohama. Pearson was also awarded a gold medal by the British government.

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