2 Bolt Siebe Gorman Dive Helmet

Siebe Gorman & Company 2bolt diving helmet. Original configuration was probably a 12 bolt. Turn of the century helmet that at some time was converted to the Danish two bolt design. A hand formed bonnet with serial numbers 6452 and has a smaller Danish exhaust valve fitted behind the left view port to supplement the original Siebe Gorman exhaust valve. An added plaque stating Sandsugeren. VB.V Dykker N5 attached to the helmet directly behind the exhaust. The plaque indicates that this helmet was owned by the national company Vandbygningsvaesenet . This helmet would have been aboard their ship Sandsugersen and was number 5 in the ships inventory of helmets. This helmet is featured in the Journal of Diving History, 2018, volume 26, number 25 page 24 and 25.