Cary’s 6 inch Universal Equinoctial Sundial

6 inch brass Universal Equinoctial Sundial with original storage-carrying case signed “Cary, London”. This is a relatively large example of the classic English pendant ring dial, usable anywhere on earth and without the need for a compass.
With two concentric brass rings folding flat when not in use, the meridian ring engraved “Cary London,”  scale calibrated 0-90. The equinoctial ring engraved with roman numeral hours on the front surface, the central bar with a sliding peephole engraved with the months on one side, declination scale and zodiac signs on the other, all suspended by a brass ring.
Made by a family of instrument makers working from 1750 to mid 19th century, makes this difficult to distinguish between the work of John (1), John (2), William, George (1), or George (2) Cary. Most likely this instrument dates to about 1800.