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KB 6669 Martin’s Patent Anchor

A model of Martin’s Self Canting Anchor along with Martin’s Zig-Zag Chain Cable, in a leather embossed presentation case. 

Presentation in French “ A Son Excellence Mr. Le Ministre De La Marine” . Translated  to “ To His Excellency Mr Minister of the Navy”.

Martin’s Anchor and Zig-Zag Chain displayed on a slightly worn green velvet interior.The anchor and chain is cast and made entirely out of brass.

Martin’s self canting anchor was made without welding which allowed the anchor a 25% percent reduction in size and weight. Compared to the typical anchor of the day, it had an increased holding power of 50% and was used by the French, English and American governments.

Dimensions: Open 12” x 10 ½” by 1 ½ tall”. Closed 10 ½” x 6” by 3” tall

$ 3,200.00