Remember the Maine Cutwork

Antique scroll- saw work commemorating the sinking of the USS Maine in 1898.

U.S.S. Maine was a United States Navy ship that sank in Havana Harbor on February 1898, contributing to the outbreak of the Spanish–American War. American newspaperman, engaged in yellow journalism to boost circulation,  claimed that the Spanish were responsible for the ship’s destruction and the phrase “Remember The Maine” became the rallying cry for action.

This type of work commemorated those whose lives were lost and also expressed  America’s patriotic devotion to country. Completely handmade and individually cut out piece by piece, this type of work took many painstaking hours of labor.

On the back of the frame is a presentation dated 1937, presented by someone belonging to the United Spanish War Veterans , founded in 1904 to honor the fallen comrades and their families.

Dimensions  26 inches x 20 inches

$ 1,250.00

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