USS Monitor Model

A scratch built, handmade model of the USS Monitor on a custom wooden stand. The builder of this model is unknown but by the quality of workmanship, it is evident that the builder was an accomplished craftsman. This model is made of wood with copper sheathing and rivets covering the entire model with a functioning turret that revolves.

The USS Monitor was the first ironclad warship commissioned by the Union Navy on January 30th, 1862 for use in the Civil War. On March 9th, 1862 the USS Monitor battled the Confederate States ship CSS Virginia in a battle that lasted four hours. Both ships pounded each other with close range cannon fire although neither ship could seriously damage the other. This was the first battle ever between armored warships. This battle marked a turning point in Naval history as it became evident that wooden vessels were vulnerable to explosives. The next several decades the ironclad was duplicated and used through the 1890’s.

Dimensions 48” by 12” and 17” tall on stand

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