USS Sailfish Submarine Battle Flag SS-192

WWII submarine battle flag from the USS Sailfish (SS192) belonging to Admiral Robert E. M. Ward.

Admiral Ward was a decorated war hero, best known as the skipper of the USS Sailfish (SS-192; formerly the USS Squalus). Adm. Ward began his combat career as a lieutenant aboard the submarine S-26. He was one of three survivors when that boat was sunk in February 1942.

He commanded the Sailfish for the last three of the boat’s 12 war patrols (November 1943 to January 1945). In his career he won two Navy Crosses and two Silver Stars. Ward, then a lieutenant commander, was skipper of the submarine Sailfish on the night of Dec. 3, 1943, when he earned his first Navy Cross. While operating under extremely hazardous weather conditions and against active anti-submarine measures, Lieutenant Commander Ward attacked an enemy aircraft carrier of over 22,000 tons which was in company with a cruiser and destroyers. Although depth-charged, he pursued the damaged carrier to drive home the final attack which sank it. Throughout the remainder of this patrol he sank over 13,200 additional tons of enemy shipping and damaged over 7,000 tons. In spite of severe enemy counter-attacks and hazardous weather conditions he brought his boat back to port with only minor damage. His conduct and heroic efforts throughout this patrol were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

USS Sailfish (SS-192), was originally named Squalus. The Squalus,  sank off the coast of New Hampshire during test dives on 23 May 1939. The sinking drowned 26 crew members, but an ensuing rescue operation using the McCann Rescue Chamber saved the lives of the remaining 33 aboard. The submarine was salvaged in late 1939 and decommissioned. In May of 1940 the Squalus was recommissioned as the USS Sailfish. Conducting numerous patrols in the Pacific during WW2 she earned 9 battle stars. She was decommissioned in Oct 1945 and later scrapped.

This authentic battle flag was a treasured possession of Admiral Ward. Handed down to his daughter, Patricia H Ward.

Condition is out standing without holes or fading, very well cared for.

41″ x 33″






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