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Whaleboat Dry Card Compass

6” Whaleboat dry card compass mounted in its original cylindrical painted housing.

The surface paint shows great age and patina. The housing is a non-metallic metal that appears to be zinc although it might be old brass or copper.On every whale ship were three to five smaller whaleboats suspended by davits. They were lowered when whales were sighted and the chase commenced.

The whaleboats were stocked with essential items that might become necessary during the chase. A keg of water, whaling irons and lances, rope, a lantern with candles and matches, an axe and a sealed compass. With the whalers successfully attached to the whale, there was a possibility the whaleboat could be pulled by the whale far out of sight of the mothership. On these occasions the compass would be utilized to find the way back to the ship.

Unsigned 19th century

6inch diameter by 2 1/2inches tall

$ 650.00